Avengers: Infinity War – Film Review


Avengers - Infinity War

Most of the cast weren’t actually there when they filmed this, and yet you believe. It all looks so real, and when you have a scene with CGI Kroot, CGI Rocket and a CGI background, and everyone looks real and has emotions, it’s staggering. Absolutely hands-down the best movie I’ve ever seen in this regard.

All i can think about is having to watch all of my favorite characters disintegrate, I cant even look back at the movie and think “wow that was a fun movie the visuals were great and the action was super well choreographed ” because the main thing that sticks in my head now is Thanos at the end in his little retirement hut looking proud of himself for killing everyone. I am beyond pissed at infinity war. I cant believe whoever had the idea to show Spider-man crying as he disintegrates saying how he doesn’t wanna die to a bunch of kids. and I did see a lot of kids in that theater.

The opening part was predicted considering the end of Ragnarok last year. The rests are shown from the trailer but not in order and with several additional exciting scenes. Also, as we predicted, we found ‘Thor-eyepatch’ scene. It’s a scene when there is a specific scene in a trailer but then changed in the final product.

Personally, I’m glad that Black Order is involved in the movie. Four of them didn’t get any background story which is fine considering the runtime. However, they didn’t have a proper death. Well, they had their purpose collecting stones for Thanos. But, only if they had a proper death, maybe they are rememberable.

If you are expecting a totally dark theme movie, you will be disappointed. It has several funny jokes which bring smile on our face and I’m definitely fine with it. It’s a way of life. If you have a sad event, a little smile would nice,right? It is reflected in Thor’s scene with Rocket. He is making joke but deep down, you know that he is afraid and has unbearable sadness.

As expected, there are deaths literally everywhere. It’s chaotic. It shows that Thanos is someone that you should afraid of. For me, it’s pretty dark movie. Not only because of the deaths, but also how the movie can scramble your emotion. Even though so many deaths, we were reunited with a certain character in Phase I of MCU.

Regardless, that’s Thanos’ master plan and the heroes aim to stop him. From the very beginning, however, they fail miserably. By movie’s end, Thanos has won; he has all of the gems and half of the universe is dead, including all of Asgard and at least half of our heroes. The End. Seriously, that’s the end. Now most folks recognize that the carnage and death in this film will be undone in the next movie.

Dr. Strange likely cast a spell on his gem that will start mucking about with time and reality and they will somehow make things right again in time for those Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy sequels. But that’s a completely different film and that just belies the significance of this film even further, Films should stand on their own. Infinity War doesn’t do that. If you get off seeing the heroes getting their asses kicked and dying while the bad guy wins at the end; then this is the film for you.

We wait to see the Part 2 of the Infinity War to see how will they escape from Thanos.Below you have a trailer of Avengers: Infinity War.


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