Australian singer Sia has revealed she has adopted a boy


44-year-old Australian singer Sia, who said she wants to stay married for the rest of her life, has revealed she has adopted a boy.

The disclosure was made in a report by GQ magazine about DJ Diplo, a good friend of the singer and collaborator.

“Much of our interaction is based on trying not to have sex in order not to ruin our professional relationship because he’s an incredibly sexy man,” she said of DJ and producer Diplo. In this regard, she revealed that this year she sent him a message about the relationship that unites them.

“You are one of the five people in this world who are sexually attracted to me. I decided to stay married for the rest of my life and just adopted a boy, so I have no time for anything romantic … But if you are interested in sex without obligation, let me know! ”

Sia has publicly expressed her desire to be a mother since last year when she explained how much the Foster documentary series about the foster care system in Los Angeles impressed her.

One of the cases presented attracted the public’s attention in particular – the story of a 16-year-old teenager, Dasani, who spent most of his life moving from one home to another, then at the age of 4. He witnessed his mother’s murder for years. On Twitter, the singer offered to welcome him into her home (message deleted in the meantime), then began the steps for adoption.

This year, Sia surprised everyone with the news of the completion of the adoption and says that motherhood will now take up most of her time.


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