At just 12, Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, launches a book


Emme Muñiz, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, will launch her first project at just 12 years old. Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez announced in an Instagram post-Emme’s first professional success.

Little Emme’s first project is a book that will be published this fall, being a collection of various prayers. Lopez wrote:

“I am so proud of my little coconut Emme, who will share her own daily prayers in her debut book, Lord Help Me! This book will help families to accept the peace and power that faith brings us daily. The book will not be released until 9/29, but you can already book it by entering the link on my profile ‘.

Random House Publishing House, which will publish this book, said it was a collection of Emme’s “personal prayers.”

The artist’s daughter inherits the talent of her parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. I could see her singing with her mother on the Super Bowl stage. Both her parents support her and are extremely proud, Marc Antony posting on Twitter the following message after the show, “Emme, Daddy is very proud of you. You are my și️ and I am yours forever ‘.


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