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A female psychologist plays the tough bad-ass character. Not the paramedic or former soldier – no the psychologist (you would assume a psychologist might be sensitive and sweet). And for some reason this psychologist has been making the decisions regarding who enters this anomaly (a.k.a. The Shimmer).A male soldier’s insides have been completely mutated and swirling around like a worm, but somehow he is still alive. Upon seeing this on video, a former paramedic exclaims it was a lighting trick and to not believe what they just saw.

There is one scene where a bear attacks and removes the front part of the head of a living human being. Another scene has an actor setting himself ablaze with a phosphorus bomb.I suppose I went into this movie expecting a wondrous adventure but it was a grueling 2 hours of torture. Basic recipe of the movie follows horror genre to a T. Each character dies one at a time. We think the monster is dead at the end only to find out in the closing scene that it still lives instantly letting us know that a sequel is in order.

Annihilation begins by grounding us in the relationship between husband and wife, and then takes us on a frightening journey of self discovery, renewed purpose and utter madness. The film delivers sublime, alien-triggered variations of plant and animal DNA that are stunning and imaginative.

Smart and spooky sci-fi thriller with Portman as a biologist who enlists on a mysterious, secretive military involved project in the aftermath of her soldier husband (Isaac) returning only to go into a vegetative state from exposure to the alien ‘shimmer’ he encounters and apparently the sole survivor. Filmmaker Alex Garland shrewdly adapts Jeff VanderMeer’s novel with élan and inventiveness (i.e. the platoon sent are all female and barely a scoff or comment on the fact) while employing some practical and impressively cosmic acid trippy visual CGI f/x to boot (sparing no gore either so the squeamish you’ve been warned). Scanned elements of past genre classics like John Carpenter’s The Thing, Aliens, and even dare I say A Sound Of Thunder whereby nature takes a turn for the worst…or does it.

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