Angelika Vee release new song “Wild Heart”


Angelika Vee launches the video for the song ‘Wild Heart’, filmed right in the artist’s studio. It is a piece that comes in the period of social distancing, and the recording studio was a perfect refuge for the artist.

Musically, ‘Wild Heart’ is a pop song with R&B influences and classic elements. The lyrics of the song are inspired by an obsessive passion, which conquers your thoughts and heart. A love in which there are no borders, there are no limits, and the other becomes a kind of drug for you.

‘Wild Heart’ is composed and produced by the singer herself. Angelika being one of the few artists in the Romanian space, who makes her musical productions, and quarantine was an opportune period to dedicate herself to her passion.

Angelika Vee is a singer and songwriter from the Republic of Moldova, established for several years in the United States. The artist is one of the most appreciated artists in our country, thanks to her songs and compositions, which have occupied leading positions in international charts such as the Billboard Dance Chart.


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