Angelika Vee release new song “My Vice”


Angelika Vee

Angelika Vee, conquered the world with her voice, comes back with a new touching song “My Vice”.The song has a warm and positive vibe, and can be heard in two versions. The radio includes urban elements, classical R&B style guitars and the acoustic version, which the artist’s fans have appreciated it with maximum marks due to the sensitivity and the romantic air it transmits.

“Love does not respect the rules and knows no limits, and this is what I tried to convey in this song. “My Vice” is filled with emotions, a message that I hope you feel with all your heart, listening to this piece. Now I’m working on several singles at the same time and one of them is about to be released soon. Follow me on social networks @AngelikaVee, because that’s where I will share the most important news about the next releases, “said the singer.

The music, text, and arrangement of the radio version belong to the artist. Angelika is one of the few artists in the Romanian space who make their own musical productions.

Angelika Vee began singing at the age of 6, and she is currently pursuing her musical career in the US. The artist is one of the most appreciated artists in the world, due to his compositions and compositions, which have taken the lead in international charts such as the Billboard Dance Chart. The artist’s latest compositions include “Nora En Pure – Polynesia”, “Tears in Your Eyes” composed in collaboration with producer Christian Beat Hirt and Nora En Pure.


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