Ana Baniciu release “Tu, Inima”


Ana Baniciu - Tu inima

The rebel of the Romanian music industry, Ana Baniciu decided to tell her the story as she knows better through music. The artist has released the song “Tu, Inima” and has given the experiences and emotions of his listeners.

“I’ve been waiting a year for a good track, a track where I can find myself 100% and so it came out #TuInima. That’s why I want to thank Andi Banica because he understands what I want to convey and because he is so handsome to put some feelings that are hard to explain. I thank Mahia Beldo for inspiration and for a musical production as I dreamed. “Ana says.

Ana Baniciu has decided to open her soul to the people watching her and to those who ask questions about her personal life. #TuInima is a story inspired by Anna’s feelings, disappointments and emotions. Along with Andi Banica, one of Quantum Music’s composers, the artist made a play through which he opens his soul and answers many of the questions that have been put to him over time.

“The Song #TuInima is more than just a song … it’s my soul in it. It’s the first time I’ve opened up in front of everyone after many moments when I preferred to silence and let the world do various speculations on the subject of my private life. This is a moment of sincerity to all those who follow me and to those who want to know me the way they are. It is not easy and I confess that it is a big step in my career and in my life because this is a project with me that I have worked for a long time … I have been working for a long time to open me to everyone and to tell me how it works. “Ana says.

“The clip is made by San, with whom I have long wanted to work and here’s how, this song has happened. The idea of the clip is, however, of my friend Alex Ifimov, whom I always rely on in terms of concept and creativity. He has been my support shoulder since I started my solo career and at this video I gave him all my confidence and I let him take care of everything: concept, make-up, hair-style and styling. I had a bunch of friends with whom I filmed, which made me feel at ease on the day of filming. Rapha Tudor, alongside whom I filmed in the Life Stage some years ago and who has gradually become my best friend, appears in the clip. My friend Razvan Banica, an actor at Notara Theater in Bucharest, was also with me. The Quantum Music team without which I was not talking about today. They support me in everything I do and for that I value and thank them.”

Ana Baniciu arrived in the limelight with the series “Pariu cu Viata”. Irresistibly in love with music and raised in a family of musicians, Mircea Baniciu’s daughter drowned the little to make an artistic career.

See the video below:


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