Noise FM is a blog with music release and world wide news, we are a radio station from Bucharest, Romania, with writers from all around the world.Here you will find the latest news from music, Entertainment and the latest news from your all around the world.

Below is our Staff:

Our Staff

The hard-working people who make Noise FM possible.

Alexandru Borza

Alexandru Borza – He is an experienced headline writer. He is the senior journalist at Noise FM and music producer. Also, he is the administrator of our Eastern European coverage. He writes about Entertainment, Music News, Releases.

E-mail: alexandru.borza@noise-fm.com


Anca Popovici

Anca Popovici – Anca she is Editor-in-Chief, she like to write about Music, she graduated art college, she like to sing and write about songs.In the past she work on Record Company where she met famous artists.

E-mail: anca.popovici@noise-fm.com


Laura Marian

Laura Marian – Laura is Features Editor, she like to write about Entertainment and Celebrities.In the past she work at a local newspaper but she moved here to work with us.

E-mail: laura.marian@noise-fm.com


Oana Oprea

Oana Oprea – Oana is Senior Features Writer, she like to write about the latest buzz in headlines.In the past she work in UK at a television, she moved here to work with us because she like very much.

E-mail: oana.oprea@noise-fm.com


Paul Pop

Paul Pop – Paul is Senior News Writer, he is in touch with all music producer to bring us the good and the best news from all around the world.In the past he work at a newspaper in Bucharest but now he work with us.

E-mail: paul.pop@noise-fm.com